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Who is Jonathan ?


« Jonathan is a passionate man… Passionate about life, about people, about relationships… He likes to enjoy minute of everyday without missing a moment. His relational abilities allow him to propose a different way to work with social photography and especially wedding photography. » (Marjorie, 2016)

« According to him, it’s very important to bring interest to couples and families to expect delivering a story close to perfection. He adores relationships and he is entirely committed with couples and for everything he does. » (Emilie, 2018)

I’m a lover for pastel colors, sweetness and grain of film, and also for « Fine Art » touch. By the way, I decided to run with film for a best result more authentic.

I live with his family in Nancy, two hours from Paris and I like to travel towards the country and worldwide to meet new couples in new places. My favorite places in France are Paris and South of France.

If you wish to know more about my approach or just to say me  « hello », please feel free to contact me with the contact form.

I look forward to reading from you.

© Portrait by Greg Finck Photography

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